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Charlie Mark

Filmmaker, Photographer, Storyteller
Carlotta Marchesini, aka Charlie Mark, was born in Bologna in 1988. She showed a great passion and attitude for the world of audiovisual and photography from a very young age, learning the first rudiments of video editing and shooting.
Once completed her studies at the University of Bologna, Charlie began her professional career, collaborating as camera operator and editor with well-known film festivals in Bologna, such as Biografilm Festival and Future Film Festival.
At the same time, she took up on a career linked to fashion photography, collaborating with several independent men's and women's clothing brands, with which she created both images for lookbooks and e-commerce portals and videos for new campaigns.
In 2017, Charlie took a Master's Degree in Documentary and Experimental Cinema at the University of Parma, the result of which will be her first documentary short film, in collaboration with five other directors: Un Mondo Altro (An Other World).
With the arrival of 2020-2021, Charlie began exploring new horizons in video creation, especially focusing on remote usage, learning to use the primary live streaming platforms. Today, in addition to the previously mentioned areas, their work also involves "mobile directing" of professional streaming content.


Charlie Mark - Video Production has as main purpose to help her customers to understand, and consequently produce, all those contents capable of effectively advertising their brand, supporting them on how to present a product and clearly define the path to take together , from writing the screenplay to postproduction.
Working in close contact with the customer, always listening to their needs and helping them to go beyond the simple communication standard is the point of arrival to create a functional and winning product.


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